Leadership & Committees

Active Members of the Supreme Council, 33°, SJ, USA

Ill. James D. Cole, 33° Sovereign Grand Commander & SGIG at-Large
Ill. Michael D. Smith, 33° Lieutenant Grand Commander & SGIG in South Carolina
Ill. Joe R. Manning, Jr., 33° Grand Prior & SGIG in Oklahoma
Ill. Gary L. Sissel, 33° Grand Secretary General & SGIG in Iowa
Ill. Jeffrey D. Larson, 33° Grand Treasurer General & SGIG in South Dakota
Ill. Leonard Proden, 33° Grand Almoner & SGIG in the District of Columbia
Ill. Robert W. Cockerham, 33° Grand Orator & SGIG in Missouri
Ill. Frank C. Baker, 33° Grand Master of Ceremonies & SGIG in Utah
Ill. Gary W. Kuney, 33° Grand Chamberlain & SGIG in Oregon
Ill. Hugh W. Gill III, 33° First Grand Equerry & SGIG in Kansas
Ill. Joseph E. Alexander, 33° Second Grand Equerry & SGIG in Idaho
Ill. Marlin L. Mills, 33° Grand Standard Bearer & SGIG in Maryland
Ill. Jamie A. Smith, 33° Grand Sword Bearer & SGIG in Alabama
Ill. David O. Martinez, 33° Grand Herald & SGIG in Nevada
Ill. H. Jackson Yost, Jr., 33° SGIG in West Virginia
Ill. C. James Graham, 33° SGIG in Arkansas
Ill. Alvin W. Jorgensen, 33° SGIG in Washington
Ill. Frank Loui, 33° SGIG in California
Ill. Joseph C. Harrison, Jr., 33° SGIG in Tennessee
Ill. Jose R. Lopez, 33°, GC SGIG in Puerto Rico
Ill. David L. Nielsen, 33° SGIG in Montana
Ill. Michael L. Wiggins, 33° SGIG in Texas
Ill. Ted C. Collins, 33° SGIG in Georgia
Ill. Billy W. Sloan, 33° SGIG in Mississippi
Ill. Tony R. Krall, 33° SGIG in Minnesota
Ill. Richard B. Smith , 33°, GC SGIG in Louisiana

Deputies and Appointive Officers

Ill. Norman L. Y. Pin, 33° Deputy in Taiwan & China
Ill. Wesley D. Thornton, 33° Deputy in New Mexico
Ill. Donald K. Smith, 33° Deputy in Japan & Korea
Ill. Richard G. Hoover, 33° Deputy in Florida
Ill. Terry L. Bowman, 33° Deputy in Kentucky
Ill. Alan W. Adkins, 33°, GC Deputy in Virginia
Ill. Karl J. Hinkle, 33° Deputy in Colorado
Ill. Andrew L. Geiser, 33° Deputy in Hawaii & Guam
Ill. Robert L. Bradshaw, 33° Deputy in Wyoming
Ill. Rex R. Hutchens, 33°, GC Deputy in Arizona
Ill. Daniel J. Wellendorf, 33° Deputy in Nebraska
Ill. A. Gene Cobb, Jr., 33° Deputy in North Carolina
Ill. William G. Sizemore II, 33° Grand Executive Director
Ill. W. Kenneth Lyons, Jr., 33°, GC Grand Chaplain
Ill. Paul D. Dolinsky, 33° Grand Organist
Ill. William G. L. Turner, 33° Grand Tyler
Ill. Jorge I. Franchi, 33° Chief Financial Officer
Ill. Arturo de Hoyos, 33°, GC Grand Archivist & Grand Historian
Ill. Matthew T. Szramoski, 33° Director of Development
Ill. Dean R. Alban, 33° Director of Membership Services
Ms. Larissa Watkins Librarian

Note: The Orient of Alaska is under temporary assignment as previously communicated.

Supreme Council Committees

Appeals & Grievances
Joe R. Harrison, Jr., Chair
James A. Smith
Frank Loui
Richard B. Smith, Chair
Wesley D. Thornton
Robert L. Bradshaw
Frank C. Baker
Karl J. Hinkle
Benevolence & Fraternal Assistance
Robert W. Cockerham, Chair
Gary L. Sissel
Frank C. Baker
Tony R. Krall
Richard B. Smith
Leonard Proden
Ted C. Collins, Chair
Billy W. Sloan
Daniel J. Wellendorf
Education & Americanism
H. Jackson Yost, Jr.
Richard G. Hoover
Jose Lopez-Rivera
Donald K. Smith
Jeffrey D. Larson, Chair
James D. Cole
Joe R. Manning, Jr.
C. James Graham
Gary L. Sissel
Alan W. Adkins
Fraternal Relations
Leonard Proden, Chair
Joseph C. Harrison, Jr.
Joe R. Manning, Jr.
Norman L. Y. Pin
House of the Temple
Frank C. Baker, Chair
Marlin L. Mills
H. Jackson Yost, Jr.
Alan W. Adkins
Jurisprudence & Legislation
Joe R. Manning, Jr., Chair
Tony R. Krall
Joseph E. Alexander
James A. Smith
Robert W. Cockerham
Alvin W. Jorgensen, Chair
Gary L.Sissel
David L. Nielsen
Terry L. Bowman
Billy W. Sloan, Chair
Ted C. Collins
Joseph E. Alexander
Jeffrey D. Larson
Jose Lopez-Rivera
Leonard Proden
Marlin L. Mills, Chair
Hugh W. Gill III
Gary W. Kuney
Hugh W. Gill III, Chair
Alvin W. Jorgensen
Publications & Communications
Gary W. Kuney, Chair
Hugh W. Gill III
Andrew L. Geiser
Ritual & Ceremonial Forms
David O. Martinez, Chair
Joseph E. Alexander
Robert W. Cockerham
Gary W.Kuney
David L. Nielsen
Michael D. Smith
Wesley D. Thornton
Joseph E. Alexander, Chair
Gary W. Kuney
Robert W. Cockerham
A. Gene Cobb, Jr.
Scottish Rite Research Society
C. James Graham, Chair
Michael L. Wiggins
Rex R. Hutchens
Strategic Planning
Michael D. Smith, Chair
Alvin W. Jorgensen
David O. Martinez
Frank Loui
Michael L. Wiggins
Marlin L. Mills
State of Order & Unfinished Business
James D. Cole, Chair